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Robust Flexible Pressure Sensors Made from Conductive Micropyramids for Manipulation Tasks

Chao Ma, Dong Xu, Yun-Chiao Huang, Peiqi Wang, Jin Huang, Jingyuan Zhou, Wenfeng Liu, Sheng-Tao Li, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan

ACS Nano 14, 12866–12876 (2020)

Flexible pressure sensors that can robustly mimic the function of slow-adapting type I (SA-I) mechanoreceptors are essential for realizing human-like object manipulation in artificial intelligent (AI) robots or amputees. Here, we report a straightforward approach to highly sensitive and robust flexible pressure sensors with fast response time and low operating voltage based on conductive micropyramids made of polydimethylsiloxane/carbon nanotube composites. Both numerical simulations and experimental studies show that the pressure-sensing properties of the devices can be systematically tuned by the spatial arrangement of micropyramids. In particular, by tailoring the ratio between the spacing and the pyramidal base length, the optimal pressure sensors can be achieved with a combination of high sensitivity in both low-pressure (<10 kPa) and medium-pressure (10–100 kPa) regimes, rapid response, high …
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