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A Facile Strategy to Pt3Ni Nanocrystals with Highly Porous Features as Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst

X. Huang, E. Zhu, Y. Chen, Y. Li, C. Chiu, Y. Xu, Z. Lin, X. Duan, Y. Huang

Adv. Mater. 25, 2974-2979 (2013)

A facile strategy to Pt3Ni nanocrystals with highly porous features is developed. The integration of a high surface area and rich step/edge atoms endows the nanocrystals with an impressive oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) specific activity and mass activity. These nanocrystals are more stable in ORR and show a small activity change after 6000 potential sweeps. This is a promising material for practical electrocatalytic applications.
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