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Hetero-integrated Nanostructures and Nanodevices


High-yield exfoliation of 2D semiconductor monolayers and reassembly of organic/inorganic artificial superlattices

Zhaoyang Lin, Zhong Wan, Frank Song, Bolong Huang, Chuancheng Jia, Qi Qian, Joon Sang Kang, Yutong Wu, Xingxu Yan, Lele Peng, Chengzhang Wan, Jingyuan Zhou, Zdenek Sofer, Imran Shakir, Zeyad Almutairi, Sarah Tolbert, Xiaoqing Pan, Yongjie Hu, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan

Chem (2021)

Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor monolayers are of considerable interests as building blocks to hybridize with other inorganic or organic components for creating versatile superlattice structures. However, the scalable preparation of 2D semiconductor monolayers remains challenging to date. Here, we report a unique "intercalation and separation" chemistry that enables complete intercalation of 2D layered crystals and high-yield exfoliation of diverse 2D semiconductor monolayers in near-unity purity. Using these 2D monolayers as nanoscale building blocks, we have successfully assembled a family of organic/inorganic and inorganic/inorganic artificial superlattice materials with tunable compositions, structures, and properties. This new intercalation chemistry and the scalable solution-chemical production of 2D semiconductor monolayers and superlattices move us a significant step closer to practically integrating 2D semiconductors in diverse technologies at an affordable cost.
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