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Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline NiO in mixed solvent

Y. Li, C. Li, H. Zheng, and X. Duan

Chem. J. Chinese U. 18, 1921-1923 (1997)

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NiO nanocrystalline materials were prepared by decomposing a deep green non-crystal precursor at 4OO℃. The precursor was obtained in alcohol-water mixed solvent bythe reaction of Ni(NO3)2 and NH4HCO3. XRD, TG, DTA and TEM were used to character-ize the nanometer NiO and its precursor. The result show that the NiO fine particles arenon-agglomerated, spherical and well dispersed with the average size of 7 nm. The problemof agglomeration in c0nventional solution method is Overcomed by this convenient method.
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