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Covalent Selenium Embedded in Hierarchical Carbon Nanofibers for Ultra-High Areal Capacity Li-Se Batteries

Jian Zhou, Maoxin Chen, Tao Wang, Shengyang Li, Qiusheng Zhang, Meng Zhang, Hanjiao Xu, Jialing Liu, Junfei Liang, Jian Zhu, Xiangfeng Duan

Iscience 23, 100919 (2020)

Lithium selenium (Li-Se) batteries have attracted increasing interest for its high theoretical volumetric capacities up to 3,253 Ah L−1. However, current studies are largely limited to electrodes with rather low mass loading and low areal capacity, resulting in low volumetric performance. Herein, we report a design of covalent selenium embedded in hierarchical nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers (CSe@HNCNFs) for ultra-high areal capacity Li-Se batteries. The CSe@HNCNFs provide excellent ion and electron transport performance, whereas effectively retard polyselenides diffusion during cycling. We show that the Li-Se battery with mass loading of 1.87 mg cm−2 displays a specific capacity of 762 mAh g−1 after 2,500 cycles, with almost no capacity fading. Furthermore, by increasing the mass loading to 37.31 mg cm−2, ultra-high areal capacities of 7.30 mAh cm−2 is achieved, which greatly exceeds those reported previously for Li-Se batteries.
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