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Nanocrystalline silver particles: synthesis, agglomeration and sputtering induced by electron beam

Y. Li, X. Duan, Y. Qian, L. Yang, and H. Liao

J. Colloid and Interf. Sci. 209, 347-349 (1999)

Nanocrystalline silver particles with an average size of 15 nm have been prepared by reducing Ag(NH3)+2with N2H4· H2O, with sodium dodecylbenzene sulfate (DBS) used as the stabilizing agent. The influence of DBS in the reaction is discussed. When the so-prepared silver particles were observedin situunder a transmission electron microscope, we observed an agglomeration and sputtering phenomenon induced by the electron beam. The possible reason for agglomeration and sputtering is proposed. Silver crystals of hexagonal shape, ranging from 20- to 120-nm in size, were formed on a copper grid. This phenomenon may offer a useful means of forming small particles.
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