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Giant magnetoresistance in bulk La0.6Mg0.4MnO3

Y. Li, X. Duan, J. Zhang, H. Wang, Y. Qian, Z. Huang, J. Zhou, S. Yuan, W. Liu, and C. Zhu

J. Mater. Res. 12, 2648-2650 (1997)

A bulk sample of La0.6Mg0.4MnO3 has been prepared from coprecipitated carbonate precursor for the first time in this study. Structure analysis conducted by powder x-ray diffraction indicates that the sample is in the cubic perovskite phase. It shows a metal-insulator transition at 115 K (Tp) When applied to an external field, GMR effects are observed in the whole measured temperature range. The maximum negative MR value reaches as large as 480% at 105 K and 5 T. There may be two different mechanisms governing the GMR effects in the sample for the temperatures below and above Tp.
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